• Romantic
    To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinityin the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour. More.
  • backwaters of Kerala
    The beautiful backwaters of Kerala make a wonderful home to its traditional houseboats that take visitors More.
  • Ayurveda
    According to Ayurveda, the technique of panchakarma (Devanāgarī: पंचकर्म‌)) eliminates toxic elements from the body. More.
  • honeymoon Package
    A honeymoon can also be the first, "sweetest" moments a newly-wed couple spend together, or the first holiday they spend together to celebrate their marriage. More.

Welcome tosanthisukham holidays

Santhisukham Holidays is a professional Travel Agency based in Kerala having more than a decade of experience in the industry.We at Santhisukham Holidays strive hard to make your travel experience a memorable one. We are dedicated to provide vivid serivices for all your travel needs under one roof.
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Our Expertise

Worried about pick-up or drop-off during vacation? Dont worry..! Our taxi service backed by experienced chauffeurs can you to destinations according to your choice and ensure a relaxed, hassle-free journey.

Santhisukham Holidays can provide you the best deals in various grades of Hotels starting from the Economy Class to super deluxe resorts spread across India. Our travel coordinators will get back to you with the most cost effective and best options for making your stay comfortable.

The objective was to make family holidays tours more comfortable, more exciting, and most memorable. We Grandeur houseboats have all types of Houseboat in our cruise line and offer excellent accommodation facilities for the tourists. All are equipped bath attached bedrooms, an open lounge, deck, a kitchenette and a crew comprising of one oarsman, a cook and a guide.

Flight deals are a convenient way to travel independently, you can choose the exact day, time and location you fly from as well as choosing a location perfect for you. In all your favourite destinations, to choose from, giving you the flexibility to need to enjoy your break. So, whether you are looking for a budget holiday. Flight and hotel deal will give you exactly what you want.

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